Personal Injury Liens & Lawyers

Our office does accept Auto accident and Personal injury patients who are working with Attorney’s.

We accept patients who on a lien (a lien is a document that allows you to receive treatment for your injuries as you wait for your injury claim to be settled or paid).  Your attorney will manage your case and help you  settle your claim with the at fault insurance company. Your doctor bills will be paid at the time of settlement of your claim.

If you have been injured in an Auto Accident or other accident such as  a sleep-fall or pedestrian – auto accident(hit by vehicle while walking, biking, etc.) which was not your fault you should seek help from a qualified Chiropractic Doctor and a qualified personal injury attorney or lawyer.

If you do not have one we work with several qualified lawyers that can help manage your case with the insurance company. Meaning – they will help you get your bill paid and acquire additional monies to cover for your pain and suffering as well as loss of work benefits, etc.

If the accident was your fault? Do you have Medical Payments coverage with your insurance carrier?

If you were at fault for the accident we may still be able to provide you with care? Check the declaration page of your auto insurance plan, if you have Medical payments coverage or what is commonly called Med-Pay, then we can treat you and be paid directly from your insurance carrier. No attorney is needed in these cases.

Note: Many people believe that if they use their Med-Pay coverage their insurance rates will increase.  This is not true.  What makes your rates increase is an at fault accident. 

If you are in an accident that is not your fault this will not raise your rates.  Always report auto accidents to the police and your insurance carrier. 

If the accident goes unreported to the police or to your insurance carrier you may not have recourse for medical treatment.

Did You Know?

Many people don’t feel pain just following an accident because of the stress of the experience. Often pain in the neck and back occurs in the following days and weeks after the accident. 

If more than 30 days have past since your accident but you have Med-Pay we may still be able to treat you, if not your fault you may need to consult an attorney prior recieving care.

Call us if you have questions – we are always happy to help get you the information you need, so you can receive the care and treatment you deserve.

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Dr. Kell Fullerton

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