What is Dis-ease

What is the Chiropractic or natural perspective of what the word Disease means?

Disease means – Dis-Ease or the disruption of the homeostatic balance of the physical and emotional function of the human body.

For those that don’t accept the premise that there resides within the human body a force that drives and directs the body (many refer to it as the spirit or life force) may stop reading now and return to the allopathic perspective which typically rejects this premise.

Disease is a compromise of this connection between that life force and the body. the body can become compromised from outside influences which can be categorized as Mechanical, environmental and Emotional.


Mechanical influences are all forms of trauma or outside forces that disrupt the normal mechanical function of the body.  These outside forces can damage any and all of the physically functioning tissues that enable the body to move or ambulate and perform all the functions of our senses such as touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste.

One must understand that the body is under constant stress by gravity.  Gravity is our friend and our enemy.  It enables the body to function but it’s also what ultimately causes our demise.

Space travel has proven this theory as we see a gravity-less environment can cause atrophy or weakening of the muscles, etc.  Gravity also overtime wears the body down and dysfunction naturally occurs, especially in those who do not exercise.

If any form of trauma occurs, an Auto Accident, Sports or Work injuries and even the small bumps and bruises of everyday living can disrupt the mechanical processes of the body.

These mechanical processes include the basic level disruptions to joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the nervous and circulatory systems.  When these basic systems are compromised and proper healing does not occur, acute injury or dysfunction can lead to  Chronic symptoms and eventual dysfunction of the bodies organs and the brain.  If many years pass without correction permanent unsolvable damage can occur.

Xrays of an elderly person spine often demonstrate the long term effects of mis-alignment of the spinal joints with the result of degeneration of the spinal discs, bony growths (Osteophyte formation), Scoliosis, abnormal straightening, and hyper-curvatures as well as permanent damage to nerves and blood vessels entering into and exiting the spinal column. Atrophy of soft-tissues – muscles, tendon, ligaments, etc. also occurs.  Arthritis or chronic swelling is often present which leads to the inability of normal motion of the body as the joints no long function properly.


Environmental affects on the body are constant – gravity may also be categorized here as well, but most outside environment influences are in the air, liquid and food we ingest.

These substances can cause us dis-ease as our body is unable to function do to this outside influence entering into our human system.  In most cases if our body is healthy and strong it can fight off these outside influences.

Take bacteria and viruses as an example.  There is always a certain segment of the population that is naturally immune without a vaccination.

These people always have a very strong immune system.  Their human system is functioning at an optimum level.

We need to understand that part of what compromises our immune system is the mechanical disruption that occurs from everyday living.

This is why keeping your mechanical systems functioning properly is so important to our health.

I often see people following some form of injury whether physical or emotion becoming ill from some bacteria or virus as their immune system is weaken when their body undertake the repair process of healing an injury.

This is why helping the body heal faster through spinal and extremity Chiropractic Adjustments is so important.  Research demonstrates that following a Chiropractic adjustment your white blood cell counts increases which boosts the bodies immunity against invading bacteria.

The faster you heal the stronger the bodies defenses are and the healthier you remain.


Emotional effects upon the body can sometimes be the most physically devastating but the least recognizable.

People often, following an emotion episode can experience physical illness.

This physical illness is due to a compromised immune system brought on by emotional distress which in turn cause physical distress, lowering your immunity.

Emotional stress can also cause physical symptoms that can produce pain or headaches or even organ and brain dysfunction without the existence of a true organic illness.  Have you ever been told by a medical doctor that “it’s all in your head”?

What is often ignored by the medical doctor is that your symptoms are real but the cause is emotional not directly physical.  Psychosomatic  illness is the medical term often used as the medical doctor can not find a physical cause for your symptoms, such as a physical set of symptoms being cause by a specific injury, bacteria, virus or man labeled disease.

In these cases, both a physical and emotion combination of care is often needed.

Our office provides what is often referred to as emotional balancing or mind and body balancing.  Some use the term Energy balancing or Energy work.

Lastly, one needs to recognize that all of these outside influences can disrupt normal physical mechanical function of the body.  Meaning, that whether you have experienced some form of trauma, have been exposed to physically destructive environmental elements from the air, liquid, foods or drugs – whether legal or not or you have experienced an emotional trauma or event your health may be compromised and leave you open to both short and long term dis-ease.

Following any form of disruption to the homeostatic balance of the human body one must follow the basic processes of healing to resort a balance good health.

These 4 basic processes should always be followed no matter what outside influence has affected you.

1. Proper sleep: The body heals itself during sleep. During sleep all outside influences that occur during our waking hours subside, the body then and only then has the energy to focus on healing itself.

2. Proper Diet: You must eat the right foods – always but especially following an injury – whether injured mechanically, environmentally or emotionally. Remember, the body always needs a good balance.  Proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be in balance. The American diet is full of Fats and Carbs but often doesn’t contain enough protein.  When healing – make sure you’re getting lots of protein.

If you need help with understanding your nutritional needs our office also offers nutrition evaluation and counseling.

My motto is “Eat Health-Be Healthy”

3. Proper Exercise:  Exercise is always important (this includes stretching – Yoga, etc.).  For several reasons; it keeps the blood and nervous system flowing and providing the estimated  724 trillion cells of your brain, organs, muscles, and all the other soft tissue with nutrients that both heal and support the health of the human body.

Our office also offers Exercise training, teaching you the most uptodate methods keeping your body physically fit.  We also offer Physical Rehabilitation Therapy following physical trauma caused by Auto accidents Sports injuries, etc.

4. Proper Joint alignment: The best way to keep the joints of the spine and extremities in alignment is through the Chiropractic Adjustment. Doctors of Chiropractic are the experts in Joint alignment evaluation and correction of mis-alignment. We recieve several years of study of the mechanical functions of the human body – often referred to as the bio-mechanics.

Keep the joints of the spine and extremities in proper alignment and those 724 trillion cells will continue to receive proper healing and health supporting nutrients that come from both the brain and the organs that produce them.  Severe trauma can immediately compromise these symptoms as in the case of para and quadriplegia following extreme mis-alignment where severing or damage to the spinal cord and bones of the spine – Vertebrae occurs.

Mild to moderate mis-alignment, though not causing immediate damage can over time reduce blood circulation and nerve flow slowly disrupting cellular function and healing as a reduction of daily needed cellular nutrients occurs.

My family and I Credit our good health to the 4 basic elements of proper physical and emotional health.

Proper Healthy Eating, Proper Sleep, Proper Exercise and the maintaining of Proper Spinal Alignment as our physical and emotional defense and we credit them to the fact that our family rarely experience the illnesses and physical ailments of our modern society.

If you suffer from Dis-ease – let us help you get back on track.  Get evaluated today!

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Best regards,

Dr. Kell Fullerton



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