Adjustments or re-alignment of the Extremities.

Did you Know?

You may not be aware that your Rib, Jaw, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, hip, knee, ankle and toe joints can mis-align and need a chiropractic adjustment or re-alignment?  That pain may or may not immediately accompany the mis-alignment? That simple falls or twisting of the joints and cause mis-alignment and you may need an expert to re-align the mis-aligned joint?

Pain may or may not accompany misalignment.  In-fact pain may not occur for days, weeks, months or even years following misalignment of the joints as our neurological system can be slow to react.  Swelling or inflammation which causes pressure on the nerves or nervous system is the main cause of pain.  Swelling may or may not occur immediately following misalignment. Painful misalignment or mechanical dysfunction of a spinal or extremity joint can occur immediately (if moderate to severe injury occurs) or if a minor misalignment, may slowly cause irritation eventually producing pain.

Just because the pain goes away doesn’t mean re-alignment has occurred.  Pain resolution can typically occur within 4 to 8 weeks after an injury whether you seek care or not.  Why, because the swelling subsides. Resolution of swelling does not mean re-alignment of joints or corrected dysfunction.  People go for years with what is referred to as sub-clinical inflammation, this simply means you have chronic inflammation in a joint but you don’t feel it as the body has stop telling you about it.  Hence, billions are spent each year on hip and knee replacements of the hip and knee joints that have been dysfunctional for years as the pain wasn’t unbearable until many years following the original misalignment.

If you recently fell on one of your extremities or your butt, whether you have pain or not you should be evaluated by a Chiropractor.  Evaluation of the extremities is fairly quick and easy and re-alignment often occurs within 1 to 6 visit.

If you have experienced a trauma and have pain, don’t wait!  The pain may go away but misalignment may still exist.

We credit —

Healthy Eating, Proper Sleep. Exercise and the maintaining of proper Spinal Alignment to the fact that we and our children rarely experience the illnesses and physical ailments of our modern society.

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