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 Chiropractic has important health benefits to both Babies and Children

If your baby or child is typical, he or she will experience many falls, bumps and bruises over the course of their childhood.  Whether learning to walk, run, playing at the park or on the sports field they can ill-affect the alignment of their spine and extremity joints (wrists, knees, elbow, ankles, etc.).

Uncorrected misalignment or dysfunction of the spinal and extremity joints  can lead to mechanical, nerve and circulatory (blood flow) issues, potentially leading to reduced physical performance and health.

Babies and Children respond well to Chiropractic care.  Correction of misalignment can occur in as little as one visit and an evaluation should be performed following any fall or suspected injury after a sporting activity or other traumatic physical incident.

Did you Know?

Pain may or may not accompany misalignment.  In-fact pain may not occur for days, weeks, months or even years following misalignment of the joints as our neurological system can be slow to react.  Swelling or inflammation which causes pressure on the nerves or nervous system is the main cause of pain.  Swelling may or may not occur immediately following misalignment. Painful misalignment or mechanical dysfunction of a spinal or extremity joint can occur immediately (if moderate to severe injury occurs) or if a minor misalignment, may slowly cause irritation eventually producing pain.

Just because the pain goes away doesn’t mean re-alignment has occurred.  Pain resolution can typically occur within 4 to 8 weeks after an injury whether you seek care or not.  Why, because the swelling subsides. Resolution of swelling does not mean re-alignment of joints or corrected dysfunction.  People go for years with what is referred to as sub-clinical inflammation, this simply means you have chronic inflammation in a joint but you don’t feel it as the body has stop telling you about it.  Hence, billions are spent each year on hip and knee replacements of the hip and knee joints that have been dysfunctional for years as the pain wasn’t unbearable until many years following the original misalignment.

In babies and children, alignment correction typically occurs with one to a few Chiropractic adjustments. Evaluation is simple and confirmation of the re-alignment can be demonstrated in the office following the adjustment.  Adults are different –  it can take several visits for full re-alignment to occur as our bodies are less responsive. In most cases misalignment has existed for many years.

A typical history for most of my adult patients; they can remember a time when they injured themselves, experienced pain, but the pain went away after a few days or weeks, now they hurt years later in the same area of their body that was injured years ago.  Why, because the mechanical misalignment was never corrected and now the pain (more severe inflammation) has returned after years of mild dysfunction.

Catch and correct the dysfunction early in life and avoid the severe pain and problem later. This is why having your children evaluated and maintaining good spinal alignment is so important.

With Scoliosis,  years can pass before pain is felt. In these cases pain typically occurs as the spine  encroaches or applies direct pressure to the organs or tissues by the misalignment of the spine. Correction at this level maybe possible, but what took years to occur can take months or even years to correct.

Scoliosis  in the spine is a lateral deviation of the spine (to the side – left or right instead of straight).  Another form of spinal curvature disruption is a reduction of or a hyper curvature. (This is an abnormal anterior to posterior deviation of the spine.  We all have what is considered 4 normal anterior-posterior curves in the spine).  These abnormalities can occur quickly or slowly and often occur do to  a combination of spinal joint and para-spinal musculature dysfunction.

Your Baby and Child should be check regularly.  If younger – less than 12 years old or if an active child you should have them seen every 3 months for checkups or immediately following an incident. If less active or over 21 years of age, once every 6 months or immediately following an incident. Over 21 once per year.

Many parents with active babies and children bring them in for weekly checkups and re-alignment as needed.  Our office offers low Monthly payment programs if interested in this type of service.  We recommend it especially if your baby or child is very active and/or accident pron.

We also offer family payment plans for those who understand the importance of monthly spinal evaluation and alignment care.

Dr. Kell (me) and my wife Dr. Ingrid Fullerton have been providing weekly chiropractic adjustment to each other and our 5 children for over 28 years.

We credit —

Healthy Eating, Proper Sleep. Exercise and the maintaining of proper Spinal Alignment to the fact that we and our children rarely experience the illnesses and physical ailments of our modern society.

Give Chiropractic a try – you and and your children will be happy you did!

Complimentary consultations are always available upon request.

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Best regards,

Dr. Kell Fullerton



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