Chiropractic Corrective Care

Spinal Corrective Care is key to understanding Chiropractic and how it helps the body to recover from injuries, bio-mechanical dysfunction and pain.

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The X-rays below demonstrate how Chiropractic adjustments can help restore the curves of the spine to their normal shape and function.

Pre - treatment - cervical Xray   Post - Treatment Cervical Xrays

Before Treatment                                                After Treatment

Pre - Treatment Lumbar-thoracic spine - 8 year old boy - sever stomach cramps and constipaiton  Post - Treatment Lumbar - Thoracic 8 year old boy after 6 weeks of care

Before                                                                                           After

Pre - Treatment Cervical Xrays - AP View    Post - Treatment Cervical Xrays AP View - 50 year old male with chronic neck pain

Before                                                                                       After

We credit —

Healthy Eating, Proper Sleep. Exercise and the maintaining of proper Spinal Alignment to the fact that we and our children rarely experience the illnesses and physical ailments of our modern society.

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